Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here's what is happening in Brantford.

The weather news was for a storm and as you can see by these two photographs, the forecast was correct.

Needless to say, it has meant the cancellation of church this morning and the postponing of the Christmas Cantata this afternoon.

What this also means is;

relax in the morning and

Cross Country Skiing in the Afternoon.

I'll bring my camera.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dad,
Ottawa got hit with a huge snow storm yesterday. Its crazy the amount of snow we have here. Now today is a beautiful sunny but cold after blizzard weather:) Yesterday when I had to take the bus home from Liz's house, I had to walk 20min from the bus stop in the blizzard to my house, I luckily survived but fell in 3 snow banks....How are Theo and Eowyn enjoying the snow?