Thursday, May 24, 2007

Monthly Ubuntu Post

You can catagorize this as my obligatory Ubuntu Blog because I know you are all interested in how the Ubuntu experience is going. I took a quiz that is supposed to help you decide on which Linux Distro would be suit your lifestyle. My result was Kubuntu which as we all know is the K Desktop Environment flavour of Ubuntu. Regular Ubuntu is as we know Gnome based but Kubuntu is KDE based. You would almost think I knew what I was talking about. The most recent addition to my Ubuntu experience was buying a printer which would work with Ubuntu. I had heard that HP is very supportive of Linux and I noticed that the Thrift Store had one available for $3.00. The HP Photosmart 7150, it is a discontinued machine but for the price what did I have to lose. So I plugged it in and mucked around with it for a few minutes. I put some newer paper in it and once I added it to my printer list I clicked on the 'test page' feature. It worked, it worked perfectly. I was able to print. I didn't have to download or install a driver in anyway in fact the first thing on the test sheet was the Ubuntu logo. This was great because I had complained about printing with Ubuntu, in fact if there is anything that would drive me back into the arms of Windows it would lack of printer support.

Believe it or not, I do have other things in my life besides Ubuntu; I took Kimberly and and her friend Rachel to a Renaissance Faire this past weekend. The local Medieval Society sponsored it and it was their first of hopefully annual event. It was small and the weather conspired against it but it was a good way to spend an hour or so. I did take a few pictures:

The last photograph is of Kim and Rachel. Kim is getting her comeuppance with the stockades.

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techchickblogger said...

Renaissance Fairs are awesome! And a great reason to blow money on stuff that you don't need ;)