Monday, April 16, 2007

Canonical Launches Latest Ubuntu Desktop 7.04 | Ubuntu

Canonical Launches Latest Ubuntu Desktop 7.04 | Ubuntu: "Canonical Launches Latest Ubuntu Desktop 7.04"

I am so ready for the 19th of April, the release date of Ubuntu 7.04, aka Feisty Fawn. I did download the beta a few weeks ago and have enjoyed exploring it on the desktop. What has been impressive is the Beryl desktop accelerator. All the photos and videos you may have seen of Beryl in action are true, it is impressive. I mean you have the cube, the various ways to close, just fantastic. As well, there has been a number of improvements to Ubuntu, such as easier install and some new applications. The blog "Only Ubuntu Linux" has a great review of the beta and from what I understand there won't be that many difference between it and the stable version.

Some of the other programs I've used is the disk usage analyzer. It gives a good picture of what is happening on the hard drive. Other things is the sticky notes and Tommy Boy.

The article gives this comment:
I really Like Ubuntu festy Fawn and this will be the best release ever from ubuntu development team.This includes lots of desktop features includes network manager, Easy-to-install codec wizards,migration assistant,Kernel Virtual Machine,desktop effects like Beryl or Compiz get a more prominent place and and many more in this wonderful operating system

I have to agree, that's why on the 19th I'm going to the terminal and type in sudo update-manager -c -d and letting the magic happen.

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LefthandedSocks said...

The 19th is Thursday. I know that not because it is the release date of this new Ubuntu thing but because it is the date of my partial differential equation final exam. I simply have to pass this exam and I have my degree. 5 years of university and it is coming down to one final exam that I have to pass. It's kind of scary. So have fun downloading your new Ubuntu and think about me while you are downloading.