Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As you know from reading

Stephanie's blog, she is on a mission trip to Mexico. Fortunately Edmonton Temple is featuring regular written updates, as well as photographs and videos of the experience. It's good to check up on how the work is progressing and if Stephanie is still doing well.

I laughed when I saw this photograph, Stephanie conversing with a pig.

The question is, what is she discussing with it. Is it:

a) why Pluto should not be considered a planet.
b) who's smarter, Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkings


c) just why you can't teach general relativity to cats.

The answer, when she returns.


glenda said...

Paul - I hate to tell you but that's NOT your daughter. And the conversation may have to do with hair and makeup instead. Check out Flicker - there are pics of Steph there!

Paul said...


LefthandedSocks said...

geesh Dad, you cant even tell me apart from Caryn.