Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katrina Now lives in Waterloo

Ten days ago we successfully moved Kimberly to Algonquin College. She's now been attending classes for over a week now, and I believe it's going to go very well with her. She's fortunate to have family near which will help with the transistion.

So yesterday it was daughter Katrina's turn to make the move to a new school. She is attending Wildred Laurier University in the city ofWaterloo Ontario. In honour of the Laurier Golden Hawks I used the colour purple in the title. That is the name of the sports team and purple is the colour. She is taking Classical Studies and English. She is also not living in Residence but is enjoying student housing near the University. It is a clean apartment although a bit small. It was quite interesting to get her furniture up the tiny staircase.

As an aside, while travelling to Ottawa this past weekend, we saw a lot of cars with parents and older teen children moving up the highway. They all had belongs in the back of the car, I suspect it was more university bound students off to apartments and residence. We should have counted.

Also while moving Katrina in, a number of U-Haul's and other rental vans were spotted along the road. It must be the crazy time of year for such communities.

Her classes don't start until next week, so she will be able to adjust to the new life.

She will be missed.

Love Dad

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