Friday, June 02, 2006

Bloggin' the Tigers

Okay, this is a blog about the Detroit Tigers, the team with Best Record in Baseball. Yes they had a bit of a slump, losing four games in a row and all that, but here's my take on all this. It was bound to happen. No team is going to win 162 games, or keep at a .700 pace, it's just not going to happen. But a detractor may say, they couldn't the Yankees/ Well, as a matter of fact, they did win 1 out of 4 against the Yankees. What was the problem, well, could be that it was just their time to put togather some bad games, or they remembered they were playing the Yankees and they thought about it. You have to understand that baseball is best played when you don't think, I believe that's a quote from Bull Durham or words to that effect.

Well, the Tigers won last night, a come from behind win in the bottom of the ninth, doesn't that sound good. Hey, the Tigers stay at a .500 clip the rest of the season, they will be 17 games above .500, or 99-63.

Go get 'em Tigers.

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