Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A couple of things to blog about. I watched Call for Help today. It was the episode featuring Kevin Rose, late of Attack of the Show and before that the late and lamented The Screen Savers, he was discussing with his old friend Leo Laporte. The purpose for this week was to discuss how one can produce television for the internet. Kevin has launched a new website called systm. He has produced, to this point, two episodes in which he examines, with his co-host Dan Huard. Dan is another victim of the TechTV to G4TechTV to G4TV debacle. He lost his job when the powers at Comcast decided to "change" The ScreenSavers again.

Other things on my mind. The roses are doing incredible. I'll post a pix of some of them in another blog. The garden is also thriving, I am expecting some flowering any day now. Can't wait for the first harvest of peppers and tomatoes. That will definately be photograph worthy.


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