Thursday, December 23, 2004

Green Party of Canada - Parti Vert du Canada

With Christmas almost upon us, we need to remember all the organizations in our various communities who are doing something to deal with child poverty. The question is how many hampers were given to individuals across this nation? I know some groups, such as the Fraser Institute like to complain about the definition of poverty. They do this to claim there are far fewer people below the poverty level. The complain that those who 'inflate' the numbers do so for some personal gain, let me say something, no one 'inflates' the numbers for personal gain. There is none, in this day and age very few people care about the poor, especially with the media. The only time people care about the poor is when the poor interfere with their lives.

I know people talk about the fact the effort to eradicate child poverty is a pipe dream. They will further say there's not enough money to deal with the problem. However, it seems when a company such as Bombardier
needs money, it's always available.

We need to keep the pressure on our politicians and remind them that the goal of this nation is not to solve the problems of private industry, but to ensure no Canadian is left behind.


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