Wednesday, October 20, 2004 - The Greatest Canadian

so the list is out! the top ten finalists for the greatest Canadian, as chosen by you, the viewer, is now posted. It is an interesting list that is for sure. Some surprises that were pleasant, some that I knew would be there, both because it is the CBC and a few because they are great Canadians.

The surprise, Don Cherry. I think this is probably a bit of a 'screw you CBC for tying to get rid of him' vote. Still I suspect this may be an attempt to get the vote CBC really wants and that is that Pierre Trudeau be declared the "Greatest Canadian". Which is a crock by the way. i was surprised to see William L.M. King on the list, yes I know he was the longest serving PM, but he was also a fan of Hitler and was an anti-Semite. Then again that fits the mold of the CBC.

who would I choose? You know a number are great choices, Sir John A. MacDonald, for one, then there's Fredrick Banting, or Terry Fox, who exemplifies courage. I think Tommy Douglas the man who gave us Medicare would be up for contention.

Still I suspect Trudeau will win, after all Wendy Mesley had an orgasm when his name was announced. So tell you what vote early, vote often and DONT VOTE FOR PIERRE.


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