Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sympatico / MSN Sports : Home : Gliebermans back in charge of CFL in Ottawa as Renegades ownership unveiled

I am a CFL fan. I love the game, love the teams and the tradition and so to hear that the Glieberman's are back in charge of the Ottawa Renegades brought both a smile to my face and a gulp. Let's put it forward and the points are brought out in the article, there were once the owners of the Ottawa football franchise and they did have problems. However, the obviously love the game since they did establish a team in Shrevesport and you know there were a lot of fans down there. They want the CFL to succeed. I thought it was interesting they believed this to be their only business failure and it sounds like the don't like failure.

I wish them both well and all the success of the future. Glad to see Joe Paopao is staying on as coach and GM. Great guy.

Just a few thoughts for the end of the month

Paul Martin looked so good and happy when Belinda walked across the aisle to join the Liberals. I was thinking about it recently and it occurred to me, he may regret her joining. I believe Belinda has now become ambitious and her ambition is simple, she wants to run the country. Looking at the benches of the Liberal party the pickings are not good but now you have Belinda. She is young, attractive and rich. What more does she need in the way of credentials. Paul, you have just signed your own demise.

Next month, June is Bike to work month. I'd participate but work is only 900 metres away and i walk there practically every morning.

My garden is planted and taking hold, I've lost a few plants and I may replace them.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Now this will be worth listening to: a five part series on Miles Davis. If you are close to Toronto, you can listen to 91.1, on the Internet it's jazz fm. It's also avaiable on Canadian satellite. I guess what I'm saying is, there's no excuse to miss.

A schedule can be downloaded here.

don't miss.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A couple of points for this blog. First, I've finished working on the garden I started last weekend. As I posted, I started with some tomatoes and yellow peppers. Well, over the weekend, I planted some more peppers, this time hot peppers. With that, cucumbers, zucckinis, pumpkins, head lettuce and some herbs. The herbs I placed in a large planter that had been growing weeds for the past two summers. I threw in some corn seeds and sunflower. I'm hoping they grow this year. I'll be posting some pixs in future blogs to let all know how its going.

Also I'm watching another episode of Doctor Who. I truly believe Christopher Eccleston would have been the best Doctor ever if he stayed more then one year. He is fantastic and the scripts are great. He made an interesting comment, he said an ordinary person, the most important part of the universe. He talks to the bride and groom and says they had a great life, 2AM meeting on a street corner, he never did anything like that. He also plans to save the world and he probably will.

Oh yes one more, I was listening to Jupiter Project by Pulsar Bleu. It's great. Discover them and enjoy.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yesterday I started working on my garden. Actually, I started that about two weeks ago with the first turning of the sod and then adding some peat moss. However yesterday I planted six seedlings into the soil. Three tomato, beefsteak variety, and three pepper, yellow variety. I also added 18 kg of sheep manure compost to enhance the nutrients of the soil.

I've been thinking about what I will plant in my little garden. Last year I tried corn , sunflowers and various squash plants. The results were mixed, I did have corn, one spectacular sunflower but the squash turned to be a dud. I did have one zucchini, which was tasty but nothing else. I didn't even grow any potatoes and those tend to be so simple. In past gardens I've grown potatoes even when I didn't plant any, having missed harvesting one of the potatoes.

I'm going to try squash again, I think the wet late spring and summer had a negative impact last year, plus with all the peat moss, it should help with the drainage. I'm also thinking of some herbs, they make such a nice touch. Perhaps peppermint and som e catnip, to drive the cats nuts. You know I do have that one container, perhaps I should turn that into an herb garden.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You Deserve Your RiVo - Popular Science

Here we go another act of the RIAA to stifle the free development of technology. They will be happy to shut down a whole new industry to "save" it's beloved copyright. I mean how often do we have to deal with this. what makes it ridiculous is people have been recording off the radio for years. Ever since they combined a cassette player and the stereo people have been recording music off the radio station. But now, because you can put it on the computer, it's suddenly wrong.

Of course they bring the same argument: "The RIAA went on to outline how RiVo would be an “immediate and substantial threat to the recording industry,” recalling 1982, when the president of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) told Congress that the VCR's “primary mission is to copy . . . material that belongs to other people.”

You know it doesn't matter what is going on, it's just the same old line brought out every time. Remember this is the group that wanted to kill digital cassette. They destroyed Napster, and birthed Kazaa and other p2p sharing. Now they want to kill RiVo. When will it stop? when someone stops them. That's when.

Then again, people are ignoring them and posting music.

This is how a dinosaur acts then the comet hits.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sympatico / MSN : News : CTV.ca

Well, I'm officially pissed off today.
No, that's wrong...How's this. Say it ain't so, Belinda!!!!
She went to the Liberals, to the evil empire. She turned to the dark side of the force.
Well, I do wish her well.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Amazon.ca: Books: The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution

I decided finally to order this book from Amazon.ca. I have been following the going on's of the music industry since the days of Napster and I am still amazed how they, the industry continues to miss a tremendous opportunity.

to give an example, let's go back to Fiona Apple's incredible CD Extraordinary Machine. It is a wonderful piece of work that has been permanently shelved by Sony, or so they say. However it has been leaked onto the internet and it is possible to download it by doing a bit of hunting. One site that featured the cuts received a Cease and Desist order from RIAA. Again, here is an organization which deserves to vanish through extinction. Sony does not want to release it, so how can they complain.

So the book to get back to the original topic examines the industry and suggests the future of music, one without CD's and record store. Well, both points I'm not sure, i do believe there will always be record stores because people like records and the same holds true for CD's. Although the future may be filled with home made CD's burned from tracks downloaded from the internet, either legally or illegally. Trust me people will always find a way.

Right now, if you're interested, I'm listening to U2, "Rattle and Hum", a great CD. I am still so ready to see the concert in October.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

H�tel-Dieu Grace Hospital

People who know me may find the subject of this blog odd. Let me say that I actively discourage people from going to Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, in Windsor Ontario. I say it to you as well, if you become ill or require a visit to an emergency ward, do not go to HD/GH. If you are ill, may I suggest that you simply you lie down for 10 days. After that period of time you will either be well, or dead. If you go to HD/G you will probably be dead.

Let me give you some examples, recently a person I respect and know told me an incident, of which she was a witness. This woman came to the aforementioned hospital complaining that she thought she was having a heart attack. They gave her an EKG and had her sit in one of those rooms in ER- they told her she had some indigestion and sent her home. Now listen my knowledge of medicine is nil, but I know a few things the main being that women have different symptons of a heart attack, also their symptons are different. She returned, in far worse condition and was air lifted to Detroit Recovery Hospital; they felt her condition was to far to risk a flight to London. So she was flown to Detroit where she died. I suppose it could be argued whether she would have lived anyway, but the delay of time ensured death was inevitable.

The second incident is recent, this fellow I know checked in with some curious symptons, such as confusion and cold sweats. He went in and after seeing some sort of nurse practitioner he was released. His conditioned remained at least the same and the doctor he saw on Tuesday said he should not have been released. He is now at HG/G having tests to determine whether or not he has had a stroke. Let's consider it, for two days he received no treatment.

So the bottom line, stay away from Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Globe and Mail: Volpe won't apologize to Tories

It's nice to see the governing party is acting like the government. Now theyare calling each other names. When my kids do that there is usually punishment. Such as going to a room, or writing out lines, that sort of thing. What to do with Mr. Volpe? Well, he won't apologize. Makes sense, this government has squandered our resources, screwed us royally and not a word of apology.

Just remember all this when you go to the poll.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: The Greediest Generation

All us baby boomers need to read this article and then remind ourselves the world was NOT created for us. The people of the First Nations have this quotation:
" We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
. Let's remind ourselves of this fact.

We babyboomers are in danger of becoming the most despised generation of people ever produced. We consume without the slightest interest of the impact we have on our world. We seek only that which is benefical to ourselves. Our politics are of the most selfish of natures. We care only for our needs. We are corrupt and unthinking, and it's time we GROW UP!!!!

Remember you have children and perhaps you older BB's have grandchildren. Stop thinking of ourselves and think about them.

It's not too late to change.