Friday, April 29, 2005

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

Went to see the movie opening day, loved it. Yes there was the romance between Arthur and Trillian, or Patricia McMillan but that is forgiveable.

I loved it, yes totally enjoyed it. The book parts were funny; Arthur was funny, Ford was great, Zaphod was off the wall, like he should be and the stuff that only a true fan would get, super.

What sort of thing, the bejewelled crustasian of Vogsphere, the home of the Vogons.

I laughed and like a lot of fans, clapped at the end.

by the way, I did annoy my daughter by speaking along with some of the great quotes from the book. You could also tell the fans, they were the ones really laughing at things.

There was a cameo from the original Marvin and the original Arthur Dent, and for the latter, had to google to see where he was.

for more on the Vogons, see this link.

Also, if you want to read the book, go to this site.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

With the fact I watch a lot of Call for Help, I hear a great deal about Macs and Linux. A few weeks ago there was asegment on Linux Live CD-ROM. What this does is allow a person to boot from a CD-ROM and use a brand of Linux on the computer. After looking around I was able to download Slax Linux and put it on a CD. It took a while to find the right way to burn the program onto a CD, because the program is downloaded as an .iso, it requires a person to make an image onto the CD. It is not the same as doing the same as a regular burn.

Yesterday I ran it on the main computer and it worked. There is still some work needed, first of all I couldn't get the mouse to work, but it was interesting to discover how it works.

I'm going to be reading the Slax documents to learn more how to use the program. I'm sure it will be interesting.

Another Linux I decided to try is ubuntu Linux, which means humanity for others. It's another Live CD so I will find it interesting to use. Perhaps eventually I will move to Linux in all it's glory.


Saturday, April 23, 2005 - GMail Drive shell extension

Andy Walker of and CAll for Help mentioned this great Gmail hack. You can use the file and turn your gmail account into a virtual hard drive, accessible from your computer.

Follow the directions, it does work and it is great. You may want to move all your files to the archive, since they will show up as emails.

With Gmail offering over 2 Gigs of storage, it's even mor enticing.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Earthday Network Homepage

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I know some get cranky and want to make a day in March Earth Day, for most tomorrow will be the day. It's the day we go out and walk softly on Mother Earth, thanking her for the life she gives us. We also must stop and consider what we are doing to the Planet. It is still our only home and as one poster declared, a good planet is hard to find.

I came across this site, celebrates the Celtic feast of Bealitainn. It is the festival of fertility. It is also known as May Day, and while that's still a few days away, there is some advice for that feast and also a good idea for earth day.

It suggests we:

1 Take an early morning walk, greet the animals and plants, look for Faeries.

2 Wake early to gather morning dew to bathe for face-one could also gather some from a stream or spring for the same purpose.

3 Collect water from the above sources for use in scrying or blessing for magickal workings.

4 Pick Spring flowers to braid into your hair or make into crowns or wreaths-add some tiny fairy bells!.

5 Set offerings of flowers or wreath into a pond, lake, river, etc.

All in all, not a bad idea.

Be at peace with the Earth.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


A website dedicated to all the news regarding AdScam that is fit to print. You want to know something, reading it will give you fits.

Enjoy working on your income tax after reading this.
FaireBulletin: Guilds

So last night my daughters encouraged me to take them to their club meeting. Being the loving father that I am I agreed. I knew the club was a medieval group and it lived up to my expectations.

The name of the group is the "Essex Medieval Heritage Society", and I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, the girls suggested I wear my Monty Python t-shirt, it features a scene from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's the scene where Arthur deals with the black knight and the knight has no limbs and the t says "It's only a flesh wound". Plus my Jethro Tull bandanna, I felt I was readly. Well everyone loved the t shirt.

There wasn't much happening and my daughters explained that they had a huge convention over the weekend, plus they moved to a new location so things were slow. They wanted to know if I will take them next week. They also told me they will make a costume.

OH well, as long as I don't miss Doctor Who.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

London Free Press: News Section - Election fever taking hold

I have some concern about this. I know lately the PM has been goading the leader of the Opposition to 'pull the plug' and force the government to resign and call an election.

while I would say that might work I have only one question and that is, why does Paul want an election? Why not wait for the full release of the Gormey Commission. While what has been said is damning and damaging, is this the proverbial tip of the iceberg?

Perhaps it would be better to let the government swing. Right now the government is on its heels; they can't do much more then respond to the the accusations. This mean they don't have time for much else, so nothing is getting done. Perhaps allowing them that is the LIberals is revel in their incompetence would be a good thing, although perhaps not for the country as a whole.

By the way, expect Paul to wrap himself in the flag and constitution. He will paint the Conservatives as intolerant, mind you what would we want an 'intolerant' government or a 'corrupt' one. That may be our choice in the next election.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Martin glad to be rid of turncoats

It's always interesting when a person in the midst of scandel attempts to gain the moral high ground. Witness the case of Paul Martin, the Prime Minister of Canada. The Gormey Commission is revealing so much of the horror that was the Chretien years, it's amazing these people don't do the honourable thing and resign. Now we find out that a personal confidente of Chretien received payment totalling Six Million Dollars for well, no one is quite sure what he did.

I love the last paragraph: n a pep rally to his dwindling troops, Martin said Liberals must prepare to fight a campaign focused sharply on a strong fiscal record and mainstream Canadian values. Just one question, what values would those be, vaciliation, graft, corruption squandering resources, just what are our mainstream values Paul. Because all that I mention seem to be the Liberal Party of Canada, but do they represent ours?


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Piercing the peer�to�peer myths: An examination of the Canadian experience: "First, that the Canadian recording industry has sustained significant financial losses in recent years due to decreased music sales. Second, that those losses can be attributed to peer�to�peer file sharing. Third, that the losses have materially harmed Canadian artists"

This is a fascinating article. The author takes on what he calls the three pillars of the CRIA lobbying campaign, which are: "First, that the Canadian recording industry has sustained significant financial losses in recent years due to decreased music sales. Second, that those losses can be attributed to peer–to–peer file sharing. Third, that the losses have materially harmed Canadian artists". It are these three that the RIAA base their lobbying and harassment of music fans, ie the law suits on.

What this article by Michael Geist does is demolish each of the pillars or myths. Everything that the Music industry says and does is to blame all their woes on peer to peer sharing of music files. They have launched court challenges, lobbied governments, thrown obscene amounts of money at candidates and sued everybody on the myth that it is the mp3 that has had such a negative impact on their industry. The truth is, the industry has hurt itself by gouging consumers, through bad talent andn just by being idiotic and refusing to use technology. They prefer to hold to the old method when the old is definately out.

This is also coming out in the trialMGM Studios v. Grokster, the idea that Grokster should be closed down since it has only one purpose and that is to all the free flow of copyrighted material across the 'Net. One of the concerns is that if MGM wins it will basically end technological innovation. There are some who believe this case might send a chill through the computer industry because some may argue that any item that can be used to playback illegally obtained material should be stopped and the manufacturer should be sued.

Geist argument destroys the CRIA's argument. Then again it always was tenuous, which is why the lobby was all for throwing huge amounts of money to get what they want. Why argue facts when you have a wheelbarrow full of money to throw at politicians?

So read the article and read some of the background articles, they are equally as interesting.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Detroit Tigers : The Official Site

I am a baseball fan. I love the game, there's something about it that appeals to me. Perhaps it's the heritage and tradition. It's a game that's both easily understood and played. Yet it is a challenging game.

It is the beautiful game. AT its best it is beautiful, the sight of grass and dirt, And I do mean grass, none of that astroturf or even 'field turf' for me. It must be grass, it must be a full infield.

Go and enjoy some baseball

Friday, April 08, 2005

Sympatico / MSN : News :

this is worse then imagined. So all of you who haven't filed your taxes for this year, or if you have get out your T-4 slip and stare at the box that reports 'taxes paid'. Ask yourself one question, how much of this money ended up in the pockets of the Liberal party of Canada?

When you use the word 'kickback' it kind of reminds you of organized crime. What happened was the Federal Liberals were laundering money. They gave money to a 'legitimate' business and then got it back in other forms. The government cannot by law give money to itself, that's illegal, but if a company made a donation. Well that's perfectly legal. Unless it's part of a scam that is.

Just remember all this. Look at your t-4, or your next pay stub and remind yourself that part of your tax dollars went for crooks.

How does that make you feel?


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Captain's Quarters

If the Liberals don't want this material out, then it's my duty to provide this link for all you from Canada.

Read. As you do, remember this is your tax dollars at work.

Liberals want to call a snap election, let them. If you love Canada you will toss them out.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

CBC Television - Doctor Who

Okay, I am still tingely from the first episode. It is great. It is super. Christopher Ecclestone is a great Doctor. He portrays a very 21st century, post-modern, tongue in cheek Doctor who can still save the world, attract a bird and have a good time at it.

When I heard the opening song, oh man, it was great. I mean I will enjoy each episode if they are as good as this one.

Interesting that the monster the good doctor takes on are the Autons. It's interesting to note this was the first 'monster' the third doctor faced.

I do believe this is a good sign since the Jon Pertwee doctor really started the golden age of Doctor Who.

All I can say is Christopher, stay as the Doctor, you are great.


Monday, April 04, 2005

Doctor Who Information Network

A couple of years ago I came up with the Denise Crosby awards; they were to be given to the actor or actress who made a career move that was so mindbogglingly stupid as to sink what little career they had. It is named after Denise Crosby who played Tasha Yar during the first season of Star Trek:The Next Generation. She left after one season and then spent the next years trying to get back on, she did have guest appearances as Sela, a half Romulan- half human leader. I'm not going to go into the details, if you're a trekker, you already know.

Later recipients were Genevieve Bujold who was chosen to play the part of Captain Kathryn Janeway, the commander of the Federation Starship Voyager. Well, she decided she couldn't take the pressure of a weekly show and left after a few rehersals. I guess the grind of a regular paycheque got to her too.

Now we come to 2005 and we have a winner and it is Christopher Eccleston, our intrepid new doctor. The article states that he doesn't want to be typecast as the Doctor and the grueling schedule. Again let me ask the question, a regular paycheque is also a pain isn't it Chris. It's not like the guy hasn't done television before so he can't say the idea of a schedule is a stranger to him. Well, thanks for getting it started, I hope you enjoy being the shortest staying Doctor ever. Yes I know, Paul McCann only played the Doctor in the telemovie, but let's not bother him, he would have been a great doctor.

So who's next? Well, one name mentioned in the article is David Tennant.

You know who I would like to be his replacement? I'll tell you, it would be Liam Lynch, yes "United States of Whatever" dude. He did a great video called Fresh Electric which was a whole Dr. Who set up and he played the Doctor. It's a great video featuring the Blue Police Box, K-9, the Master, the Daleks; just a great great video. He should be the next Doctor. Tell the BBC this.

To see the video, go to this link. If it doesn't work, then go to the this G4TV link page.

It's great.


Friday, April 01, 2005

ThinkGeek :: iCopulate

I heard about this on Attack of the Show, the G4TV replacement for The ScreenSavers.

I was interested as it had to do with iPods. Let me say this, I would never allow my Ipod Mini to copulate in such a manner. I mean I plan to tell my mini the facts of life and how good Mini's never do such things. You just never know where the other Mini has been.

For more interesting April Fool's stuff go to: Google Gulp.